PP4E Internet examples

PP4E Internet examples

The links below launch various browser-based Internet examples, which are described in the book Programming Python, 4th edition. Most invoke Python-coded CGI scripts on a server machine, which will run only if you are running a web server. There are many additional Internet examples in the text (e.g., the ftp, email, and socket programs listed below), but they are designed to be run from a command line, tkinter GUI, or other context, not from a web browser. Also see the top level of the examples distribution for tkinter-based GUI demo launchers.

Browser-based examples

Full site examples

General CGI examples

CGI tutorial examples

See also in the Internet parent directory

  • Socket/ - socket examples: thread-server, fork-server, getfile,...
  • Ftp/ - ftp examples: mirror, upload, mirrors, sousa,...
  • Other/ - http, news, urllib,...
  • Email/ - email processing scripts: pop/smtp, pymail,...
  • Email/PyMailGui/ - the PyMailGUI Tkinter-based email client program

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